"Raise the Roof"

There was a time when horses were known as beasts of burden used by man. Fast forward to now, envision a dusty country lane in Pope County Arkansas which leads to a red barn full of loving, working horses, therapists, and volunteers. These beasts of burdens are now bringing joy and changing the lives of children with disabilities. The children who ride that dusty road aren’t riding to compete against one another for a blue ribbon; they are small, beautiful children who rely on these large majestic horses so that one day they can walk a little straighter, talk a little more clearly, and overall, enjoy life to their fullest potential.

These magical and life changing moments are provided by Equestrian Zone. We are a non-profit organization that provides equine-assisted therapy to persons with disabilities. Our humble beginnings occurred in July of 2006 with the vision to serve more than 90 participants with disabilities in the River Valley Area.

Presently, our biggest need is to erect a cover for a 100 x 200 square foot arena which will protect the riders, horses, volunteers, and staff from the sun, rain, and other inclement weather. The arena cover would also allow us to increase our operational hours and allow us to make more progress in the treatment of these children and to make the most of what the horses and therapy can contribute. Equestrian Zone received a matching grant in the amount of $62,000 whereby the foundation will match all donations for the arena cover project up to the amount of $62,000 through December of 2017. With your help, we can achieve this goal!

Please consider the difference that you can make with our program, the horses’ wellbeing, and children/people’s lives which you will impact. For your convenience, I have attached for your review the Equestrian Zone’s Funding Proposal for Arena Cover 3/30/16 and the most recent 990. If you have any additional questions, please contact me at 479-968-1198 or at ezrussellville@gmail.com.

Contributions can be made at www.equestrianzone.org or https://www.gofundme.com/ezone. 


Patient success stories are overwhelmingly joyful and are truly the best reflection of the impact to our community.

  • Just recently, we had a patient’s mother who gave a positive report that after only 8 weeks of hippotherapy, her child who is 5 and has a diagnosis of Autism is finally able to transition from baby food to solid food because of the movement and challenges of the horse.

  • A patient with Cerebral Palsy reported a decrease in the number of Botox injections that the client has had to have this year because of the reduction in muscle tone experienced from the horse.

  • A parent of a 3 1⁄2 year old with Cerebral Palsy reported that her son can now sit through dinner with the family before his trunk muscles tire and that he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night with leg cramps.

  • A parent of an 11 year old with a rare chromosome disorder reported that after one year of hippotherapy, her child was able to communicate for the first time by kissing to make her horse go and purposefully patting her horse for the horse to stop.

  • One mother of a child who is 6 and has a diagnosis of Autism described her daughter’s indifference to animals and lack of affection towards people. After 17 months, through participation in therapy at Equestrian Zone she gave her first kiss to her best friend, Dan the horse. She now shows affection towards her mother and is even able to communicate “I Love You”.

  • A mother of a 6 year old with Apraxia reports that her daughter has increased in walking distance with decrease in fatigue as demonstrated on a family vacation to Disney World which has been a yearly event for the past 3 years.

  • A caregiver of a 26 year old with CP, reports increased core strength during hippotherapy that he is now able to descend of short numbers of steps independently and has elicited spontaneous balance reactions in public.


A person with a disability who can use the bathroom independently, walk without assistance, prepare his or her own meals, and communicate his or her needs, is a person who can dare to dream of an alternative future because of Equestrian Zone’s programs. Equestrian Zone is a solid investment both for moral and practical reasons. Equestrian Zone provides the client with an environment where possibility replaces limitation, where children and adults believe in themselves and learn the unbridled power of the words “I CAN”.

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