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EZ 2 Hearts 2 One

EZ 2 Hearts 2 One is a 501 c3 Non-Profit, Our Mission: To Provide a safe environment for Veterans, Military members, First Responders and their families. To facilitate healing and strengthen relationships through equine interaction, by learning Horsemanship skills and through Therapeutic Riding.

About our Program

2 Hearts 2 One

2 Hearts 2 One is a 501c3 non-profit that has been created for military members and first responders in an effort to help make a difference. Through learning horsemanship veterans will learn trauma coping skills in a new and different way.

The Facts

Horses help humans cope with challenging emotions by offering extraordinary emotional support. The horse-human connection fosters bonding, trust and emotion regulation. Horses also help humans overcome fears and recognize their value to others.

Equine Therapy promotes emotional healing

2 Hearts 2 One recognizes the horse-human bond and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed between the two species.

Therapeutic riding horses are used as tools for our Military Members. Veterans will gain self-understanding and emotional growth.

Co Learning and mastery of a new skill such as horsemanship enhances a person’s confidence in their ability to tackle difficult challenges.

Horsemanship can reinforce things the person already does well and prove their ability to succeed with new challenges.

Inclusion of families in the 2 Hearts 2 One program allows the family to be a part of the recovery process, which can be difficult and slow.

Learning to communicate and achieve harmony with a large animal promotes renewed feelings of success.

Learning to trust an animal as large, powerful, and potentially intimidating as a horse helps in the process of restoring trust for those whose capacity for trust has eroded due to difficult life experiences.

Activities of Caring for a specific horse helps diminish any self-absorbed focus on their problems, such as depression and stress.

Many studies of human-animal interaction indicate that contact with animals significantly reduces anxiety levels and the physiological results of stress.

A positive relationship with a horse can be a first, safe step toward practicing the social skills needed to initiate closer relationships with people.

The 16-week Horsemanship curriculum we use, Hope for Heroes, was designed by Debbi Fisher in 2010. Her program is proved successful and they serve over 100 veterans weekly.

2 Hearts 2 One has a strong desire to help the veterans by providing the only equine assisted therapy facility in the river valley.

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