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Poker Ride or Run Info

Riders and runners can participate in a great ride or run, join us for a wonderful event that benefits Equestrian Zone.

Our event includes 4 options, 24 mile ride (601 ft. elevation gain), more challenging 48 mile ride (2062 ft. elevation gain), very challenging 67 mile ride (3387 ft. elevation gain) and 5 mile run.  All are well marked routes.

SAG support for all distances.
All Riders MUST wear HELMETS.

Race packets can be picked up on September 7th at City Mall from 5:30-7:00.
Pre-ride/run registration will be available at 6:00 am day of event, we accept cash, checks & credit cards.

During each ride or run, participants will stop at some great rest stops supplied with awesome food & drinks, where they will draw a playing card that will be marked on their score cards.

Top hands win cash and merchandise prizes.

Where else can you enjoy a great ride/run with awesome support and possibly win cash & merchandise?

For questions email


Poker Ride Game Instructions

Each rider receives a “Score Sheet” that they will take with them on the ride in a zip lock bag. The volunteer assigned at each rest stop will initial the box of the card that the rider drew.

All Cards must be picked up at the start/finish or designated stops on the poker ride, riders can chose which rest stops that they want to stop at & draw cards, if a rider chooses to skip a rest stop they can draw 2 cards at the next rest stop that they use. Cards can be drawn at any rest stop up to a total of 5 cards on your score sheet.  No duplicate cards can be used. Riders must draw an additional card if an identical card is drawn.
Score card must be filled out by the organizers and it is the rider’s responsibility to check their score sheet prior to leaving the rest stop to ensure that the card drawn was recorded properly.

If playing more than one hand, the rider must present the score card to be used to the volunteer prior to drawing the card
At the end of the ride, the rider has the option to purchase a replacement card for $5, or 3 replacement cards for $10.
5 cards will be marked on the score sheet and if they choose to purchase the replacement card, we will pick the best 5.

Winners are determined by 5 card stud rules.

The riders turn in their score sheet to the Poker Official at the end of the ride
Poker official will announce the top leaders as we go through the morning (every 15-20 minutes)

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